My Everything ~ Niall & Ariana Fanfic

Ariana Grande-Butera is a girl from Florida.
She began her journey on Broadway and then was discovered by Nickelodeon as so on...
The story starts off when her first album - Yours Truly - was first published


2. Chapter 2

~A/N: Sorry they are short, I'm starting off these stories on my IPad so it's hard. I'm changing to computer soon so keep reading!~

~Ariana's POV~

"I can't wait for you to perform tonight!" Ally mentioned.

"Aww thanks, I'm pretty nervous myself." I smiled.

"Don't be, your gonna' kill it!" Normani said.

"What song are you singing?" Lauren asked.

"Tattooed Heart." I smiled. I chose that song because I think that it had the most meaning.

"Ahh! I love that song." Dinah exclaimed. I smiled at her.

"Who are you lucking forward to see?" I asked.

"Austin..." Camilla said, blushing. We laughed at the sight of her.

"What about you?" Lauren asked.

"One Direction, I've never really met them. The closest I've been to them was at The American Music Awards where I was still 6 rows away from them." I answered.

"Aren't they performing too?" Normani asked. I nodded.

"You could meet them backstage!" Ally slightly screamed "We could hook you up with one of them." She smirked, giving me a nudge. I giggled and sat in our seats waiting for the show to start...

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