My Everything ~ Niall & Ariana Fanfic

Ariana Grande-Butera is a girl from Florida.
She began her journey on Broadway and then was discovered by Nickelodeon as so on...
The story starts off when her first album - Yours Truly - was first published


1. Chapter 1

~Ariana POV~

Today is the day...I'm performing for The Kids Choice Awards. Also, I've been nominated for New Artist Of The Year. I honestly don't mind if I lose or win, because I'm so blessed with my amazing fans voting their asses off all day and night even when I told them to 'Go to sleep'. I've had a great year, working with talented artists and writing songs with them. I've been getting so much love, which I'm forever grateful for. 

I put on my makeup, do up my signature hairstyle (Half up - Half down) but all I can thing about is the performance...what if I forget the lyrics or fall off stage. So many horrible ideas run through my head, just as I am about to think of another one, Liz (My Stylist) hands me my dress and give me a hand signal as to saying 'Go get dressed' I did as she said and I walk to my dressing room. I put on a beautiful long strapless dress and black heels to boost me up abit higher. I walk out of the dressing room to be greeted me my sweet brother, Frankie.

"Are you ready?" He said, standing in front of the entrance. Let's just say he helps me calm down when I'm nervous about performing. I nodded my head.

I take a good look at myself in the mirror and walk out "Let's get this show on the road!" I shout, causing the people around me to chuckle

I made it through the red carpet and met up with my best friend, Jennette McCurdy. We took a few pictures and we went into the big building. 

I bumped into my friends, Fifth Harmony (Just pretend they were popular then) they are great girls. 





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