My Everything ~ Niall & Ariana Fanfic

Ariana Grande-Butera is a girl from Florida.
She began her journey on Broadway and then was discovered by Nickelodeon as so on...
The story starts off when her first album - Yours Truly - was first published


4. Authors Note (Please Read)

Hey Guys,

I have just started to publish these chapters and I have thought of the timings I am going to upload.

I will upload a chapter a week.

I will try and keep it long, I promise. If you are lucky I might do more than one. I dont have a set day but i was thingking maybe on the weekend??????

I hope you enjoy this story!

I wrote this story a long time ago on Wattpad but someone hacked my page and deleted it all. I then tried again but I gave up on the second chapter.

This story is the same as what i wrote on Wattpad but I dont know the exact details of what I put. So if you have read this story before, im sorry that It isn't exactly the same.

I do have a little book I used to write my ideas down on so i usually go off that so...yeah. Again really sorry.


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