Right in front of me

Stephanie was betrayed by her best friend Amy and her good friend Ashton is being her shoulder to cry on. Before, her feeling towards him were purely platonic, but after spending all this time together, how long will it be before that changes?
I don't write many fanfics, but this is kind of low key - even if the tags dont seem it aha. Just a bit of fun.
Please like so I know if I'm doing it right x


5. Sleepover?

I wake up and sigh. I think back to my dream - Ashton kissed me, and this time it wasn’t just to help me out. I wish it wasn’t a dream.

I walk downstairs in just a vest, my parents have gone away for a few weeks, so I’m the only one home. I am humming ‘Come as you are’ under my breath and I freeze when I hear someone murmuring. I creep down the remaining stairs, prepared to make a run for the door, when I see an Ashton shaped figure slumped on the sofa, he’s just sleep talking. I let out a sigh of relief, but as I try to creep towards him, I trip on the second to last step and fall to the floor. I curse loudly and Ash wakes, he sees me crumpled on the floor and rushes over.

“Steph! Are you okay?” He pulls me into his arms. I nod and he squeezes my arm and stands me up. He lifts me into his arms and I get a sense of déjà vu, I tell him this. He laughs and sits me on the sofa. I glance down at my bare legs I am suddenly very conscious of how little I am wearing. I grab the blanket off the back of the sofa and cover myself up, Ash is a total gentleman and pretends he hasn’t seen anything. He clears his throat.

“How did you sleep?”

“I slept well, thank you. Um, how come you are still here?” It’s his turn to look embarrassed now.

“You don’t remember?” I am suddenly very worried about what happened last night. He sees the look of confusion on my face and rushes to finish. “You told me I could stay, I forgot my keys.” I must have been exhausted, I can’t remember any of this.

“Oh right, yeah, sorry.”

Ash offers to make us some breakfast while I get dressed, he goes into the kitchen and I drop the blanket and run up the stairs. He thinks I don’t see, but I catch him peeking at me from around the kitchen door. I smile to myself.


Half an hour later, Ash and I are sitting at the kitchen table, recovering after demolishing a pile of pancakes. I smile at him and say with a smirk,

“I dreamed about you last night.” He nearly chokes on his orange juice.

“Oh, really? What happened?” I don’t know whether to tell him the truth or not. I decide it won’t change anything between us, we tell each other embarrassing stuff all the time.

“You kissed me.” I look up at him and when I see the slight blush that forming on his cheeks, I realise what I thought was a dream, was actually reality. He knows I know now. “Oh. Um.” I clear my throat and make an excuse to go upstairs so I can gather my thoughts.

I sit on my bed for a while and listen to the clink of dishes as Ash cleans them. I put my headphones in and pointlessly brush my hair. I don’t hear him come in, but suddenly he is sitting next to me.

“Oh, hi.”

“Steph--“ I cut him off by shaking my head. .” He caresses my chin between his thumb and finger and leans in slowly. He stops and waits for me to pull away, when I don’t, he leans in further and our lips meet. My fingers run through his hair, as our lips crash together with violent tenderness. His hands run down my back and my chest as we roll over each other. His hands run up my bare leg, higher and higher, but before he can run his hand their full length the doorbell rings.

As I am in a state of shock, Ash goes to answer the door. I force myself to stand and listen in my doorway.

“Oh, hello, I was expecting Stephanie to answer, where is she?” I hear Ash mumble a reply. “What are you doing here so early?” I swear under my breath and listen to Ash make excuses as make myself presentable. My parents are home three days early.

“Stephanie, get down here right now!” I hear my mum’s high pitch voice squeal. I know I am in deep trouble. 

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