Right in front of me

Stephanie was betrayed by her best friend Amy and her good friend Ashton is being her shoulder to cry on. Before, her feeling towards him were purely platonic, but after spending all this time together, how long will it be before that changes?
I don't write many fanfics, but this is kind of low key - even if the tags dont seem it aha. Just a bit of fun.
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1. Shoulder to cry on

“Bitch! How could she?” I say, with more venom that I have ever put across before. I hit the crisp white sheets with my clenched fists and the whole bed shakes.

“Its fine, Steph, you don’t need him or her.” Yeah, I don’t need them. I’m reminded of something we used to say. ‘I’m a strong independent woman and I don’t need no man’ it was one of our things, we used to make such a big deal over the guy code. The irony is painful. I bunch up the bed sheets in my red fists, and release while sighing heavily.

“But, I really thought he liked me.” I really did. It probably didn’t help that I had people telling me that he did, I guess we were all wrong.

“Well, boys are idiots.” The first truthful thing I’ve heard in a while.

“Apart from you of course. Thanks for listening to my rants, I need to get it out somehow.” What would I do without Ash? My second best friend in the whole world, well I guess my number one now.

“Well you could always just punch her.” I consider it and Ash grins, when I see his adorable dimples I am slightly calmed.

“Woah, I wasn’t serious. You’re above that, channel your anger a different way. A way where someone doesn’t end up with a broken nose preferably.” He’s right, violence isn’t the answer.

“Yeah, I knew that.” I lie. “I thought it was getting serious, I guess I misinterpreted just about everything he said and did.”

“Steph, maybe he didn’t know what he was doing. He may be book smart, but that doesn’t mean he’s people smart.”

Again, Ash is right. I nod. He can tell I am still upset. “Hey, it’ll all be okay. You’ll get over that douche bag and you don’t need Amy, you’ve got me.” I smile sadly.

“Thanks Ash, you’re the best.”



“Open your mouth.” I say teasingly. Ash looks at me curiously, but he trusts me so does as I ask. I throw a skittle and he catches it and laughs.

“Your turn.” He grins. I giggle and open up. He completely misses my mouth.

“That was rubbish!” I taunt jokingly. He gets mock angry and pounces on me, instead of hurting me he tickles me. We’re rolling over each other, both laughing, I’m gasping for breath, so I surrender. I lay with my head on his chest to catch my breath, I can hear his heart beating, and the rhythm is soothing. I look up at his face and his eyes are closed, he looks so peaceful. I feel a tingle in the pit of my stomach. Ash opens his eyes suddenly and catches me looking at him.

“What’s up?” I shake my head.

“Nothing, um, no nothing.” I feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. He reaches down strokes his thumb across my rosy cheek and I feel the tingle again, this time more of a flutter.

“I think it’s time for me to go.” He gets up and we hug goodbye, I watch him walk to his house, which luckily for me is just next door.


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