Project XZ3

Stuck in a small room a girl is trapped in chains. Who is she? Why is she there? Where is she? And how will she escape the room?


8. Room 95

Room 95. I hope for someone alive. I lock the wheel off and close my eyes. I hope this will turn out well. I open the door and look in. Nothing... I hear or see nothing, for now. I look into the room, I look right and see a body, an alive body. All I see is a head and a body, no arms no legs.

“Oh” I say and put my hands to my mouth, not sure what to think of this. It looks up at me and moves away from me. “I’m not going to hurt you” I have a feeling I’m going to be saying this a lot more. It turns around some, and looks up at me. I kneel down.

“Don’t be afraid” Polly says behind me and comes near me. “There’s nothing to be afraid of” yet... I think. Who knows what can happen in this place.  He... looks at Polly, then at me, and then shuffles forward.

“Where are we?” he asks in a low tone.

“We don’t know, this is a very strange place, we’re going to find out” I hope. All I want to do is find out who else is here, and then get the answers. That is the plan.

“Well... we need to leave... we need to see who else is here and get out of here” I say. This plan. Is a go.  

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