Project XZ3

Stuck in a small room a girl is trapped in chains. Who is she? Why is she there? Where is she? And how will she escape the room?


23. Making Sense Of Things

I sit up and find myself staring at Beth in the face.

“What’s wrong?” she asks.

“Laura. She’s called Laura” I say rubbing the back of my neck remembering all the details of the dream.

“Who is?”

“The blonde woman. That other woman was there to... the one that was with her, she didn’t say her name. These people... they made us with... tests...”

“What?” Beth and the others look so very confused.

“These people... it sounds like they made us with tests.... and for some reason I seem to be the only successful one... there must be a reason for all of this” I look around the room at the others and then set my eyes on Billy. “Billy....” he just looks like a normal little boy. There’s nothing wrong with him.

“Yes?” he asks.

“Your normal... your just a normal little boy. Oh I don’t get any of this” I rub my head and sit against the wall. Beth takes my hand and I look up at her. Beth. They mentioned Beth “They talked about you”

“What?” Beth says.

“They talked about you. They said... it was a shame about another project... the only thing that was wrong was them was the eyes”


“Erm... oh I don’t remember anything else”

“These dreams must mean something”

“Yeah... they must. Things are starting to make sense now though... hmm” I sit back, and start to think about the dreams I have had. 

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