Project XZ3

Stuck in a small room a girl is trapped in chains. Who is she? Why is she there? Where is she? And how will she escape the room?


15. Fear Of The Unknown

We reach the top of the stairs. I watch Beth place Ben down and go for the handle. Fear drives over my brain.

“Wait!” I yell, they all turn to look at me running up the stairs and I grab Beth’s hand.

“What’s wrong?” she asks me.

“We don’t know what’s behind that door. There could be anything. There could be... other people”

“There isn’t. Amy, I can see what is there, I can see all around us. All I can see is dead people all over and stairs above us. All we need to do is to keep going up. If I see anything out of the ordinary I will tell you. Okay?” the dark spots where her eyes are stick into my brain. I can imagine her having light blue angelic eyes. She has such a pretty face; it is just a shame that she has no eyes.

“I’m sorry”

“Let’s just keep going, the sooner we get out of this place the better”

“You’re right” I turn to the others. “Are you ready?”

“Yes” they all say nodding and raring to go. We are all so keen to get out of this place Beth opens the door and we and we all go through the door. 

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