Project XZ3

Stuck in a small room a girl is trapped in chains. Who is she? Why is she there? Where is she? And how will she escape the room?


18. Alarm

“Amy!” Beth yells shaking me... an alarm sound rings in the distance. I look up to see panic in her face, and the alarm sound is echoing down the corridor. Fear takes over my body and I stiffen up.

“What’s that?” I ask. The others are moving up the corridor.

“We have to move now, I see people coming down the stairs move!” Beth pulls me up and we move into a corridor on the right. I look up and see the number 1 above it. “Open the door!” I grab the wheel lock it off, and let the others in. I go in, shut the door, and sit down with my back against it

“What – “Beth comes in front of me, puts her hand on my mouth and looks to her left. She can see what is going on, I envy her sometimes. I watch her as she turns her head to the right. I move some. She shakes her head at me. I am assuming that there are people out there. All I feel is fear and nervousness. I am frozen to where I am sitting and now scared to actually move, the only thing I can do is wait until Beth reacts.
















Moments later Beth takes her hand away from my mouth.

“What was that?” I ask.

“People. They must know we’ve escaped”

“Oh no... What do we do?”

“We wait... we’ll just have to wait” 

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