No Love for the Peculiar

Harley was alone. Always, no matter what, alone. That is until the day she was told the truth; Now she has not a single moment to herself.


1. Prolouge


    The only things I remember from that night are the rain drops falling on my car window and the soothing sounds of my mother's voice lulling me to sleep. I see flashes of myself, glimpses of myself gazing down onto the road, just as the force of the collision raced through my body. It all happened so fast; painless. The shattering of glass, the pressure of the airbags, and the painful restriction of my seat-belt. All those things, those tiny details, burned into my memory and yet, I still can't remember. Then again, maybe I shouldn't. 

    Countless hours, nights I spent lying awake just hoping to catch a glimpse of the past, and still nothing. What he expected me to remember I had no idea. Lying awake at night isn't helping my memory, but the montage of painful images doesn't help either. It's like I can feel the accident all over again but no matter how hard I try I can't see it. In my defense I was only a child, my recollection of the accident is almost nonexistent. On the other hand, where will I be if I don't figure it out? Where will I be when I run out of time?

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