No Love for the Peculiar

Harley was alone. Always, no matter what, alone. That is until the day she was told the truth; Now she has not a single moment to herself.


2. Chapter One


      I awoke from another sleepless night. Gazing at the patterns the sun had created on my hardwood floor, I prepared myself for another day. After taking a few moments, I slowly rolled out of bed and brought myself to the closet. Dressing myself in my usual getup, (Black False-Leather pants, Black wedge-heeled ankle boots, a basic white crop-top, and my favorite black zip-up hoodie) I sauntered downstairs, feeling my hair, still damp from last night's shower, swaying with every small step. As I finally turned into the large breakfast corridor, I was greeted by many of the usual children, though most of the newer kids stayed back flashing me worried and scared expressions. As usual I took my saved seat next to the Superintendent, Ms. Williams, and the other long-term workers. I sat in silence for the next 10 minutes waiting for the day to begin and it did, as soon as Ms. Williams stood to give her morning speech. "Good morning and welcome to Harrisburg County Home for Children. I'm sure most of you know me but for those of you who don't, my name is Ms. Williams and I try my best to keep things running smoothly around here." She went on to introduce some of the other workers and finished her spiel how I had witnessed her do so for the last 11 years,  "I know for many of you this can be scary, but here at HHC we will give it our all to find you a safe, loving, home and if not, you will always have a home in us." And just like that the day had officially begun. 

      After breakfast, I trudged back up to my room, still preoccupied by recent events. As I sat down on my bed I had a flashback of when I first arrived here. I remember not speaking. Not a single word had left my lips since the death of my parents, a little girl can only take so much. Ms. Williams had just become Superintendent and personally took over my case. I can still feel the pressure of the awkward grasp she had while holding my hand as she guided me through the intimidatingly large structure. At the end of the tour she could see that I obviously wasn't very happy. After a few moments of standing in silence, as Ms. Williams passed nervous glances at my social worker, she took a deep breath and knelt in front of me, her kind eyes reminding me of my mother. I stared back at her and examined the expressions on her face. "The only thing I can promise right now, is that eventually, after everything is over, you'll be okay. Okay?" These words she said at such a quiet whisper it was practically silent, but as I continued to look into her face blankly, I knew she meant what she said. And with those words, with those words a tear fell down my cheek, and another, and another, and for the first time after the accident I cried, and cried, because maybe I always knew; Maybe I always knew that the accident, wasn't so much an accident as I had hoped. 


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