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I'm walking into Hershey Park stadium and I run into something tall and firm. Oh shit. I look up to see a slim figure appearing to be a male, wearing all black shades, a black hoodie, and a lip ring . You can see a tiny part of a blonde quiff, My heart starts beating to the bass in a club ran by savage teens, I'm still technically a teen I mean I am only 18 but better things are happening than thoughts of my age. LUKE HEMMINGS IS STANDING IN FRONT OF ME. My proof that it is definitely him occurs when he pulled down his all black shade revealing beautiful ocean blue eyes. I can tell his eyes from anyone else. I don't even realize I'm clutching my head with my hand because the pain from my collision is subsiding from him being here with me. He grabs my hand and takes me back towards the vendors and walks me to the end he shows a security guard some type of plastic pass and tells him what happened and then explains how he would like to make it up to me with that we are granted access. We walk down a black ramp and I look and realize every fan in the stadium is staring and taking pictures of us holding hand standing dead in the middle of the stage. I feel incredibly stupid when I realize I am still clutching my head so I quickly drop my hand to my side and Luke tugs at my hand to move on. Just before we walk off I flash a smile and we fast walk to a door that says 'lounge area' in fancy print at the top so I step behind him and hope for the best results. Luke turns the knob and pushes the door open.

Michael- dude where have you been, were starting soon asshole!

Luke- umm-

Ashton- don't swear you haven't reached the age for that

I slowly pop my head out from behind Luke and I guess the boys spot me because they begin another conversation.

Michael- who's this pretty pussy?

Luke- Michael!

Michael- what she is pretty, right guys?

Calum- I would use the descriptive word sexy what about you ash?  

Ashton stared with his mouth agape at me and closed it he quietly nodded and blushed furiously. It's adorable. 

Me- you know I would have assumed you would have realated to your female co-works at KFC. I giggled profusely.

Michael- seems like someone has a thing for ashy boy, huh.

Me- I never chose I love you all equally.

Calum & Luke- Love us?

Me- I am a fan since day one, why else would I be at your concert. I giggled at the end.

Michael- since day one aye, he says standing up and coming closer, and you love all of us, he lifts an eyebrow questioningly

Me- is this really happening, and both are yes

Michael- lifts my chin, everything yet, he says just before he swoops in for a kiss and misses when I turn to Luke 

Me- luke do you have any Tylenol?

Before Luke can answer Michael jump into action and gives a cute reply.

Michael- what do you mean Tylenol? You haven't even gotten a bite of this sweetness. he says smirking and circling his hand around his face to his middle.

Me- maybe some other time Mikey Luke and I bumped heads earlier when he was running and crouching.

Luke leaves the room to ask someone for Tylenol and the boys and I sit together, we all talk about how we should stay in contact because we agree that we're all pretty chill. Michael get's less cocky and mentally plans how to seduce me while I think I just might let him. I feel like Michael and I could be fuck buddies while I was just close friends with the rest of the boys. Luke comes back with a pill and a plastic pass that's for being backstage. Tells the boys they have to go on in two. They group hug and I join in I mean hey it's a group hug with the love's of my life, who would pass up on this. I notice Michael is behind me because I feel him squeeze my butt and start grinding into me. FML. I moan out softly enough for none of the boys to hear but I guess Michael does because he grinds harder. I turn and find smirking and grinding. Cheeky bastard he knows if he does it any longer my wetness will soak through my shorts. we all pull away after longer than they had because they are told they have to come out. The boys leave the room but Michael kisses my neck from behind and smacks my ass as he leaves. definitely fuck buddies. I walk back stage and its quite loud but I'm close enough for them to hear so I scream "go daddies"

* End of Flashback*




a/n- what do you think. who will she be with. any name ideas. thanks loves!

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