The Voice That Changed Perspective-The title will probably change

When he hears a weird type of speech, he's curious to know why she's talking like this... But when Fawn explains, he has a problem that will be hard to fix. But he's persistent. Very persistent. (I'll make that description better later)


1. The voice that changed perspective

       I'd always felt unfulfilled in life, but I never thought there was something I could do about it. Life for me was always the same. We never really celebrated but it evened out because we never mourned either. That was the thing. Even though there was no sadness, there was no happiness. Which, as you can probably tell, wasn't all that fun. But on my way to school one day, I heard a girl who sounded like she was also 14 years of age and she was talking, only her words were interestingly slurred in a way that sounded so smooth and elegant. I followed the sound of the voice speaking low, then high, then low again. I peered around the corner of community residence #11, from which the sound of the girl was coming from, and I looked into the window to find someone I hadn't ever talked to before, but had seen around school. She was called Fawn. I was quite curious to know why she was speaking in such a way, so I went around the residence to the entrance.

       I said, "Residence number eleven, please report to the residence entrance", of course, as everyone said when wanting someone to come out so they could speak with someone in their main living quarters. Once she heard my voice, she immediately silenced herself. I heard feet thumping fast as she quickly moved to the entrance. She opened the door, her eyes wide open and as she caught her breath,

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