Light fanfitcion

Some strong language. 12+ Death note fan fiction. Lights girlfriend part of trilogy.


1. When i met her.

Two new citizens charged with murder again. Seriously the citizens just won't obey my commands to  make this world a better place. so I will just kill them like I normally do. ha ha. Ryuk is laughing next to me hysterically. the only time he does that is when something hilarious is going on. I toss him a apple to keep him quiet. when im writing the couple's name I check the screen for their spelling. As I looked a little closer. I saw him. I saw L. Lawliet. he was staring at the couples daughter funny. ha he has a crush on her. ohhh the little play-boy. hint hint. to think of it she is quiet. I head to the station as her parents die so I beat them all there. when they arrive Matsuda looks a bit miffed maybe Matsuda likes L. Ha cute. anyway l did have his hand round her hips but she slapped him and ran. I caught up and grabbed her arm before she could escape and guided her to her room. when I opened the door I technically told her what the police were going to do.

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