Light fanfitcion

Some strong language. 12+ Death note fan fiction. Lights girlfriend part of trilogy.


2. L's Date with my love.

We all woke up that morning to find L not in his room or at his desk. We all separated to find him. I also checked her room because I knew they were on a date. So I wrote in my death note a old criminal who I met and decided to see what she would do so technically find out her feeling for him. Well when they came back she stomped into her room and L looked like he had been crying. I went to check on the poor girl. When I arrived she grabbed my arm and pulled me to a hug. I quickly wrote misa's name in a death note and made her commit suicide. Lily pushed me onto her bed and crashed her lips against mine. I rolled on top of her and kissed her softly. Her tongue slithered into my mouth and we wrestled in each others mouths...

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