Millie makes covers

I'm making a few covers for people if they wan't them. They just have to give me a little info on their story and what they want on the cover.
Normally I'll make my own art for the covers but if there is a photo you really want to include just ask and I'll be happy to oblige.
NOTE: I won't be doing one direction, 5sos or justin bieber covers or anything like that


1. What I need to make your covers

Okay, so first off what I need is a comment from you at the bottom of this page with the following info:

1. Your story's title

2. A blurb or preferably the link to your movella you want me to cover

3. What you want the cover to say: title, your name, any quotes you might want on it &c.



4. Anything you want on the cover specifically e.g. A horse or a tree (this can be more specific) or a particular image you want

5. Any kind of colour scheme

6. Anything else you think will be relevant


keep in mind that I have schoolwork and that your covers might take some time especially if I'm doing them from scratch and also remember to reference my covers in your blurb


some examples of my covers are 


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