Poketto Monsutā (Pokemon)


5. Our Adventure Begins

Tessa's POV

As we come closer we hear Gary Oaks’ cheerleaders cheering their dumb cheer. “Go Gary, he’s our man if he can't do it, no one can!” I stop in front of them and scoff. They slowly stop cheering and the leader steps out, Regina George. “What do you want?” She spat at me. I glared at her and it was hard to believe she was one of my friends. I give her a fake smile and make my own cheer based off theirs. "Go Ashy, he’s our man, if gary can't do it Ashy can!” They start laughing but when Gary walks over they stop. Regina tries to talk to him but he ignores her and starts to talk to me, which I then get hard stares and glares. “Hey Tessa! How’s it going?”I give him an irritated look and say fine acting nonchalant. “How ‘bout you go on your journey with me?” He asks me. He has always liked me from when we first met, which it has been 7 years. He has been trying to get me but...I don't know, I just like Ash better. They don't get along, so I just chose Ash. It’d be better if they got along. Ash does have a good point about Gary being a jerk, so I can see why Ash doesn't like him “Um, no sorry. I already made plans to go with Ash.” I say feeling a little bit bad. His face goes red and he looks mad. “Why would you go with that loser!? You might actually become the world best pokémon breeder if you come with me!”He says a little too loud for my liking. I back away slowly and say I gotta go. I run over to Ash and Professor Oaks. “ Here’s your pokéball Ash.” Professor Oaks says handing Ash the pokéball carefully. “My first pokémon is in here” Ash whispers to himself. He throws the ball and a Pikachu comes out! Ash goes to hug it and before Professor Oaks can tell him not to, he gets electrocuted. Pikachu stops electrocuting him and all Ash says is “ow.” I know that one day Ash and Pikachu will become great friends! We get our pokédex and I decide that I don't want one of Professor Oaks’ pokémon and I’ll just use Growlithe as my starter. “This is where our adventure really begins” I say as we walk towards my (become the worlds best pokémon breeder) and Ash’s (become the worlds best pokémon master) destiny.

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