Poketto Monsutā (Pokemon)


3. In The Beginning

Tessa's POV

I open my window to see Ash standing below about to throw a rock at my window. “Hey Ashy!” I say with enthusiasm. “What's up Tessy” he says smirking, “ugh Ashy you know I absolutely hate that nickname!” I say and my enthusiasm fading away. He sticks out his tongue and says to meet him at the front door. I say sure and start getting ready. I grab my shoes and backpack. My sweater was on my bed underneath Growlithe so I jump on him, hugging him tightly and he nipped at me. “Ahhh!” I yell jokingly. I’ve gotten used to his little nips. “Growly” he says and I reply by saying “let’s go, today is the day mom will finally let me leave to start my pokemon master journey!” He jumps into my arms and I carry him down stairs to find Ash talking with my mom. I put growlithe down quietly and since ash’s back was toward me, I jumped on his back. “Boo!” I yell, scaring him, “holy cow, you scared my” “I know, that’s why I did it!” I say laughing at him. He stables himself for no reason because I’m about to jump off anyway. I jump down and walk over to my mom. I hug her and give her a kiss. “ Be good, don't get into trouble, call me when you see a phone, bring extra clothes bring your toothbrush and don't forget the, you know, once of the month thi-” “ okay okay okay mom! I get it! I won't forget anything, just please stop! You’re embarrassing me.” I whisper the last part, my face turning red. “All right! You should get going or you'll be late.” She says as she hugs me and pats Ash on the shoulder. “ I love you mom!” “I love you Tessa!” I look away before I burst out crying. I look at Ash and say “Ready?” He gives me a reassuring smile, “Ready as I’ll ever be.” And with that i grab his hand and start walking to the laboratory.

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