Poketto Monsutā (Pokemon)


7. I'll Give It Back Someday

Tessa's POV

It was all so fast. I couldn't grab him. What do I do? I can't leave him, he might be drowning. Maybe I should jump? I’ve heard cliff jumping is fun, but this isn't recreational, it’s to save my best friend. “Growlithe we have to jump. On the count of three we jump okay?” “Growl.” She replies. She jumps into my arms. “One, two….three!” We jump and it feel like I am free. It's like I’m floating. But then reality hits me and I realize that we are about to hit the water. We come up from under the water to see Ash and Pikachu on the shore talking to someone. We start swimming towards them and i can hear part of their conversation. “-Not you, you idiot I was asking the Pikachu!” she yells at Ash. She has crazy hair, shorts, a yellow shirt and red suspenders.

Ash’s POV

Tessa walks up on shore and sees me. “Tessa! Growlithe!” I runs up to them and hug them. “I thought I would have to go looking for you!” I said into my hair. “Ash, I thought you were a goner, so Growlithe and I jumped to find you and bring on shore! but as I see you are fine” She says letting go of me. “I’m fine but Pikachu isn’t! We need the closest medical center possible!” The girl, Misty, have overheard us because she tells us where we can find one. I see her bike and run to it. “What are you doing!?” She asks alarmed. “I’m borrowing this.” I say as I get on it. Tessa gets on, somehow even though it is a one person bike and I start to pedal. As I pedal away I hear Misty say “but hey, that's my bike!” “I’ll give it back someday.” I yell so she can hear me. I look at Pikachu in the basket and he doesn't look to good. “Just hang on Pikachu!” I tell him, pedaling even faster. “See, we are almost there!” The Spearow are catching up again. One dives down towards my head and I lose control of the bike, making us go flying. Pikachu lands in front of me and looks much worse than before. “Pikachu!” I yell. I crawl towards Pikachu And notice Tessa getting up. “Are you okay Tessa?!” I ask alarmed. “Don't worry about me, I'm fine, worry about Pikachu!” She demands. I place my hand on Pikachu and he says “Pika-chu” really slowly. “Pikachu. This can't be happen!” I command. I grab a pokéball and set it in front of him. “Pikachu get inside. I know that you're afraid of going in there but if you're inside, then maybe i can save you. Please Pikachu. Please listen to me and go inside.” I say desperately. “After that, then, after that, just trust me!’ I tell Pikachu. I roll the pokéball abit closer to Pikachu. He whispers “Pika” and I stand up ready to face my fate.

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