Poketto Monsutā (Pokemon)


9. Gotta Catch'Em All

Chapter 6: Gotta Catch’Em All

Tessa’s POV

Growlithe and I were the first to recover from the impact. We were about to wake them up when their eyes open and the look at eachother. So we just sat beside them. Wondering what was gonna happen next.

Ash’s POV

“Well, we beat em.” I says to Pikachu. Pikachu licks my face to signify the new bond we share as friends. As the rain clouds part, we see a sparkle in the sky. “What is that?” I asks while getting out my pokédex. “There is no data. There is still pokémon yet to be identified.” Dexter tells us. “Woah!” We look at it with amazement. “I love you guys!” I says. “Group hug” Tessa declare. We all go in for a group hug and Tessa starts crying. “Why are you crying?” I ask worried about her. “Cause you guys make me happy!” I laugh at her and we get up. “Well we gotta get to Viridian City so we can get our gym badges!” I say but then remember that I still had Misty’s bike. “Tessa, do you know where that bike went?” She turns around and picks up something that is really badly burnt. “Uh, well this was the bike.” She says and we all start laughing. “Next destination, Viridian City!”

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