Poketto Monsutā (Pokemon)


8. Breaking Down

Tessa’s POV

I see Ash stand up and turn towards the Spearows. He puts up his hands above his head and say “Spearows! Do you know who I am? I am Ash from the town of Pallet! I’m destined to be the world's number one pokémon master! I can't be stopped by the likes of you all! You hear me!” He turns around and I can see he’s about to break down. “Pikachu please, go into the pokéball. It’s the only way!” Pikachu doesn't move. Ash looks defeated and like he's going to break down. He turns around. A flash of lightning goes off. “Come and get me!” Ash yells to the Spearows. They all dive at full speed towards him. “NO!” I yell and try to run to him but Growlithe holds me back. “Growlithe, let me go!” I yell dropping to the ground crying. It seems to go all slow motion. The Spearows seem to inch closer and closer to Ash. It all goes back to normal speed and I see Pikachu jump off Ash’s shoulder. Right when he jumps, a lightning bolt hits him and he uses his powerful thunder attack. The impact of the attack made Ash and I fall back and driving the Spearows away. A Pikachu should have that much power to shock a whole flock of Spearows. A Raichu might, but that would be a very powerful Raichu. This Pikachu is sure special.

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