Poketto Monsutā (Pokemon)


1. Characters

Name: Tessa Masstar

Age: 15

Appearance: Medium height, slim, brown hair and eyes are hazel with yellow flecks, a dark blue-green ring around the iris and splattered brown around the pupil.

Hometown: Pallet, Kanto

Starter: Growlithe

Best Friend: Ash Ketchum

Extras:She is caring and loyal. She can be rude, but only if you are to her first.

Name: Ash Ketchum

Age: 15

Appearance:Tall, good built, black hair and eyes are

Hometown: Pallet, Kanto

Starter: Pikachu

Best Friend: Tara Masstar

Extras:He is stubborn, and fights for what he believes in. Once his mind is made up you can't change it.

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