I Will Be Me!

I'm not sure what you guys thought of the last poem but here's another one! Hope you like it!


1. I Will Be Me

I am not just an object.

I am not just a girl.

I will not disappear, into this world.

I am not stupid because I love the arts.

I am not innocent because I don't speak up.

I am not a coward because I am afraid of hurting people.

I am not an idiot because I am afraid to trusty you,

when you've hurt me so many times before.

I will not let you push me down.

I will not listen to you.

I am not an innocent child,

I am not a naive little girl,

I am not stupid.

I hear the words you say.

I hear them over and over every day!

They throw me down but I will get up!

I will be me no mater what you say!

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