Miracles and Disasters


1. Miracles and Disasters

You were a new discovery I never thought I'd lose.

You were the only family I wanted to choose.

But when you let go, I didn't hold on

Even though what we had was fun.

I couldn't hold you when you wanted to leave

Even if that meant leaving me to bleed.

Forgive me for my recklessness,

And I'll forgive you for this hole in my chest.


I don't care if you hate me today

Because that means you're thinking my name.

And I don't mind if we don't speak

Because every word would be empty.

A cursed hello and a broken smile,

I'll treasure them for every mile.

I don't care if you pretend I'm gone

Because that means that you aren't numb.


You were the miracle that saved my life-

And I admit we had it nice-

But like every miracle, there needed to be disaster.

I just wish it could have come faster.

Come before I knew your laugh,

Come before I wanted to take this path,

Come before I drowned in your eyes,

Come before you knew my lies,

Come before you wrecked this heart,

Come before you knew this part.


Goodbye today, see you tomorrow;

Let's see what blooms from our wilted flower.

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