What Came After The End

What happened after The Blood of Olympus?
The seven strongest of our age,
must settle the debt of a maid en-caged.
They'll travel far and make a trade,
but fail to stop the dagger's blade.


8. The Forest

Calypso wasn't sure what it was driving her into the forest, but she was sure Leo was there. Blackness surrounded her as she kept her hand running along trunk after tunk. The trees grew close together in this part of the forest, and she took large slow steps to avoid tripping. She wanted to call out Leo's name in hopes that he might hear but that would only bring monsters upon her sooner. The entire idea of wanding the darkened woods hoping to stumble upon him was absurd. But people do crazy things.... When they're in love. 

An hour ticked by and Calypso found herself lost. Not that we hadn't foreseen any other future for her when she decided to enter the wood in the middle of the night. But she couldn't contain her worry and by now, sure that something had happened to Leo, she leaned against the nearest tree, sank to the ground, and cried. Her tears were silent, falling fast as rain. When she whipped one away two more would appeare, and so she gave up trying to stop them. She had already lost so many Hero's, and now they would take Leo too. She couldn't take this eternal torment much longer. 

"Calypso! Calypso are you out here?" She lifted her head in surprise. It was Leo! He was calling to her! Calypso stood up and whipped away her tears turning around frantically in the darkness trying to find the source of the voice. 

"Leo! Where are you?" She yelled out, praying he would hear her. A few seconds of silence passed and then she heard him again. 

"Calypso! Hurry!" His voice sounded panicked, a tone she wasn't accustomed to. Calypso began running towards his voice.

"Leo where are you?" She repeated again as she ran. 

"I'm over here! Hurry!" His voice was closer and Calypso ran as fast as she could through the trees, without falling. 

"I'm coming!" 

"Over here!" He yelled again, and she went more to here right, plunging deeper into the dark forest. 

"Calypso!" He was so close! After a minute she found herself in some kind of clearing with a large rock in the middle of the grassy field. The moon was full and bright, giving her light at last. 

"Leo! Where are you!" She yelled for the third time and this time his voice was right in front of her.

"I'm here." He said calmly. Then in the light of the moon, Calypso watched as a stance creature crawled onto the rock. It appeared to be a striped hyena with a neck more like a lion. His eyes changed color so quickly that Calypso couldn't decided what color they were. 

"Who are you?" Calypso asked, as she backed up towards the trees. the creature crept closer to her, fast and smooth. 

"I am the crocotta." The creature replied in Calypso's own voice, then in Leo's,

"and there is a young man in the forest searching for you." The creature's shadow touched her skin and she was paralyzed, unable to run or look away from the deceiving crocotta. She fell to the ground, unable to control her own legs as a voice broke into the clearing calling her name. 


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