What Came After The End

What happened after The Blood of Olympus?
The seven strongest of our age,
must settle the debt of a maid en-caged.
They'll travel far and make a trade,
but fail to stop the dagger's blade.


2. Home at Last

"Leo!" Jason practically tackled him with a firm hug.

"Where have you been? We thought you were dead." 

"Ah come on, have a little more faith in me than that!" Leo put his arm on Jason's shoulder. Piper ran up and hugged Leo tightly, then she kissed his cheek with tears in her eyes.

"I was so worried!" She said with her hands on his shoulders looking him in the eyes.

"I missed you too Pipes." Leo said, grinning at his two friends. He hadn't realized just how much he's missed them until now. Piper stepped back and slipped her hand into Jason's.

"Did the Romans already go back?" Leo asked looking around for Hazel, Frank, Annabeth, Percy, and Reyna. 

"Yes, they went back a few days after the war." Piper said reluctantly. 

"But don't worry Leo," Piper added hopefully,

"They're not out of reach." Leo nodded weakly. He was disappointed that his other friends weren't here, but he was grateful to be with Piper and Jason. 

"How long have I been gone?" Piper glanced at Jason as if to say, Why don't you take this one? Jason cleared his throat.

"Well about a month. Seriously man, where were you all this time?" Leo smiled, he was more than ready to re-shift his gears from his friends back to the gorgeous girl standing shyly behind him. Leo turned to look at Calypso, and taking her hand in his, gently guided her forward.

"Jason, Piper, I'd like you to meet Calypso." Jason held out his hand to Calypso and Piper hugged her as if she was a long lost sister.

"Leo, you'll have to tell us everything! Come to the big house, Chiron doesn't even know you're alive yet!" 

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