What Came After The End

What happened after The Blood of Olympus?
The seven strongest of our age,
must settle the debt of a maid en-caged.
They'll travel far and make a trade,
but fail to stop the dagger's blade.


5. Change of Plans

Leo wasn't sure what to do. The Lord of the sky hated his guts. That was pretty cool. But now Calypso might be in danger. Not so cool. What was he going to do? He couldn't let her go unprotected, but he couldn't take her back to that awful island. The idea of a new punishment, where she would be kept out of his reach, alone and miserable, made him feel sick to his stomach. He wasn't going to let THAT happen. No. If he was going to protect Calypso, then he would need to get to work right away. Before he had a real plan fully formed in his mind, he was running to Bunker 9, forgetting the reason he'd wanted to go just a few minutes before. 

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