What Came After The End

What happened after The Blood of Olympus?
The seven strongest of our age,
must settle the debt of a maid en-caged.
They'll travel far and make a trade,
but fail to stop the dagger's blade.


3. Celebration

"We're here to celebrate the return of Leo Valdez. A true demigod hero. He bravely gave his life to stop Gaea from rising, and saved all of us in that great battle. May his name be remembered and praised along with the other seven!" Chiron finished his speech and patted Leo on the back. Every camper was cheering and clapping. Leo bowed,

"Well you know, I'm all about the impossible." He glanced at Calypso who rolled her eyes and gave him a look that seemed to say, You're so full of it. But she was smiling and clapping along with the other campers.

"Now let the feast begin!" Leo rejoined Calypso at the Hephaestus table. Everyone ate hungrily and when the feast ended, Dionysus stood to make an announcement. 

"Alright you little brats, settle down, be quiet! We'll be having our campfire sing-along tonight and the harpies have asked that I remembering all of you to stay in bed after curfew." He took a second to glare at the Aphrodite table. All the girls apart from Piper started giggling.

"I also have to remind you that next week we will be playing capture the flag. And that's all, so go down to the campfire." He sat back down and took a sip of his Diet Coke while keeping a clear frown on his face. All the campers left their tables and moved to the campfire which was burning bright and high. The camp was in good spirits tonight.

There never was such a perfect night. All the campers singing and roasting s'mores. Calypso was trying to roast a marshmallow for the first time next to Leo. As she moved it a little closer to the fire the marshmallow went up in flames and was burned black by the time she blew the fire out. Leo laughed and Calypso glared playfully at him.

"They cook so fast, I'd like to see you try!" They spent the rest of the night listening to camp songs and burning marshmallows. When curfew did come, Leo walked Calypso to the Aphrodite cabin where Piper had invited her to stay. Her hand in his felt natural and perfect. This was it, the war was over, he had Calypso, everything was perfect.

"Leo Valdez," Calypso turned to face him. She shined in the starlight, and Leo couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. The moment seemed to catch him off guard and he wasn't sure what to say. Were there really words to describe this moment? What he was feeling right now with her? If there were, he didn't know about them. Then he put his arm around her waist and gave her a quick kiss. Calypso's cheeks grew pink.

"That didn't happen." Leo said a little embarrassed.

"Okay," Calypso whispered, and they were both glad that this time, they were only leaving each other for the night.

"Goodnight Sunshine." Calypso squeezed his hand.

"Goodnight," She whispered, then her hand slipped out of his and she went into the Aphrodite cabin. 

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