Asher meet ashton

Ha ha ik my name is Asher and I play drums really good. I was the schools reject no one would talk to me until I met Ashton


1. here...alone

Here we are again in the same situation again. With blades I' Here...alone

I'm Asher Elliot Carter, the schools prank star ,the reject, the forgotten. This is my THIRD TIME this month moving to a new school and it sucks. I've been alone since my brother abandoned me . Like my parents don't even know I exist anymore ,life is hard. Panic High School is harder(it's actually called "Pleasant High school" ha it's not)

But then there's Ashton Fletcher Irwin we've barely known each other but he's really cool and so are his friends. I have never made so many friends in just a week of school or even EVER. But that's where we leave off (btw he's the drummer of his band can I say AWESOME)

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