Squad Goals

Tick Tock Girlie its a suicide red
Because an angry doll equals years of regret
They will conquer and cheat to keep up appearances
Then when midnight strikes they'll return to their places
Anna ,Lara, Khloe and Belle
Four girls with powers to make life feel like hell

Don't say I didn't warn you ...


2. Expose



ex·pose [ikˈspōz]  


make (something) visible, typically by uncovering it  

synonyms: reveal, uncover, lay bare reveal, uncover, lay bare  

“Just as some people may conceal their own sinfulness thus seeming better than the norm, others expose their own sinfulness thus seeming worse than the norm.”  
Criss Jami, Killosophy 



Ever's POV ( 6 months before end) 


My name is Ever Delilah Primrose Carter , I am 15 years old and live in Fairview Way , Staley Hill. My best friends are Anabel Delmere , Lana Oxbey , Khloe Lambert and Bella Lennox . I love them. They are my everything, my dolls. Daddy came home today, he says that he'd had a long week at work preparing the company for a project that quote 'is of a vital importance to succeed in as to regain the financial increase of Carter Estates '  

But I know the truth.  

You see , I have my ways in collecting information for the purpose to expose truth to those I sincerely care about , by means of surveillance and the assistance of my little darlings – they'll do anything for me! Actually it was Lana who helped me to unearth the truth about daddy's apparent & more frequent "meetings" , by means of spying (or tracking) his whereabouts , in addition also , Lana used her talents of reading body language to determine a sense of deceit from daddy until we pieced together the truth and I documented the findings to you. My perception of daddy changed undoubtedly but I don't blame him , oh no , I place my disgust on the filthy woman he ended up spending too much time with – Claudia . Nothing should come between me and daddy , no one. Daddy belongs to me and only me yet that woman feels she has the audacity to challenge it! I could have killed her , you know. But what example would that give to my little darlings? That's where the expose came from. I began to research every nook and cranny about Claudia ( who she was , where she came from, her secular education, her place of residence )  until a flaw was found – one that could destroy her entire reputation , all her efforts of success cascade to nothing – then daddy would come back to me . I love daddy. He gives me everything without question. His attention is 100% available 24/7, his love for me would be unconditional and my presence in the industry would come by storm he promised.  


I am a big believer in truth. Staley Hill is a practically the breeding place of liars and cheats , however I have already previously resolved in my heart that I'd be nothing like the befouled, tarnished members of our community . Exposed be the scandals of all , for with it my little darlings shall be aware of the real evils that this damned world has to offer. A wise man once uttered that 'man is not what he thinks but what he hides ' and I believe to have resonated with that particular quote almost perfectly – but almost isn't enough. It'll still be a while before I have all the corresponding information to use to launch Expose however when the time is right , the citizens won't know what hit them. For you that is watching, it's goodbye for now but do not worry , I'll be back! Ready to share to you more information on all the gossip and truths behind Staley Hill's "aristocrats". Au Revoir ! 


"Ever , who are you talking to?" A voice called out. 

It was only Anna – self conscious Anna. If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't have established the position of one of the prettiest ladies in town. You see, Miss Delmere moved into Staley Hill from Houston (Texas) 8 years ago and boy was she a mess! Her mother was a drunk and there was no father in the picture so it was her grandfather who instigated the move from America to here , Anna came with her messy bronde hair in the most hideous pigtail plaits and distasteful clothing , a laughing stock in Staley Hill Prep for most of fourth year ! Nevertheless , I saw that Anna could be fixed and molded into a more gracious southern belle with time and an abundant amount of tolerance. 

"Anna , has it occurred to you that as this isn't your house, you maybe should consider the art of knocking or does that skill need dumbing down for you also?" I bitterly spat , whilst clasping my recording bag shut, Anna already looked stricken with hurt ; This is the time for me to go and comfort her. 

"Oh Anna please don't get upset , I didn't mean that however I was extremely busy when you waltzed into my private space and just wished you hadn't have been such a peeping Tom and attempted to see what I was up to , you know I would never do that to you!" My expressive indirect apology seemed to have worked as Annabel looked a lot more relaxed 

"Ever, I just wanted to let you know that everything is prepped for your plan ." She muttered – shy as always around me for some odd reason. 

This year will be perfect . 

It has to be. 

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