Squad Goals

Tick Tock Girlie its a suicide red
Because an angry doll equals years of regret
They will conquer and cheat to keep up appearances
Then when midnight strikes they'll return to their places
Anna ,Lara, Khloe and Belle
Four girls with powers to make life feel like hell

Don't say I didn't warn you ...


1. Ever's Angels


“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
― George Orwell, 1984


Khloe's POV


Perfection. That's what all she talked about, it was like a mantra – if you understand what I mean. We had to be the master , not the slave however she was good at being our queen. Ever was a person who was driven by the pleasure and joys of being in charge , of being the one in control , until it killed her. To her, everyone was a potential threat to her position of puppeteer. 


I remember when me and Ever were little girls , dressed in our frilly fuchsia pink dresses gleaming with pride as our mothers presented to us our very own diamante encrusted diadem – that tiara became Ever's most prized possession . I understand that this is getting off topic but you must understand that this girl is not who you think she is – she's broken , drunk in her own pool of secrets, lies and manipulation with no hope of ever getting out. In the far right corner of her room was a vintage Edwardian style 4 bedroomed dollshouse ( her family kept it for decades as a heirloom , you see) Ever was fascinated by the sheer fun of controlling the situations in which these dolls would be placed in – I swear everytime she played with them it was as if she had escaped into her own little world in which no one could touch her – little miss invincible! Most children lose interest in the recreation of playing with toys , however Ever in a sense never really grew up ( it was as if her mind became firmly and permanently fixed upon the idea  ) It was in year 4 whereby she created us; I say created us in a figurative sense of course. Her perception of life was simple , never take off your mask and remain plastic , we ended up becoming her shield , the ones who'd protect our queen , we ended up becoming a piece of Ever's twisted game. 

 The problem was the four of us loved Ever , our love for our friend clouded our judgements greatly and now we're reaping the consequences – every single day.  

I think what made Ever so amazing was her ability to create self – esteem within us , to make us feel incredible about ourselves , but at the same time she could make you feel like absolute rubbish and you'd still follow her. Every single person in school wanted to be her & meet her and as there was only 5 of us in the Elite ( as she'd call it) there really was no chance for anyone else. After spending 17 years of my life with this girl there is absolutely no mistaking in the fact that she chose us with a purpose ; 

Each of us were broken in a different way 

Ever tried to fix us by removing every aspect of flaw, from the way we talked to the way we walked. 


Secrets . Another thing Ever treasured. Secrets were the main ingredients to her glorious years , her throne to be seated upon. Ever knew all. Transfixed in the jubilance in knowing everything was what helped seal her status. Recording it for future use like her own little butterfly effect ( the consequence of her doing something then , knowing what major effect it would have in the future) Mountains of secrets just waiting to be released of everyone in Staley Hill . Her plan was to present to the world a detailed expose of everyone she detested , all their flaws , all their scandalous tales – every last drop. Why? I asked her the same thing though her only response, 

"My dolls need to see just how unpure the world is compared to them." 

Little did I know it wasn’t her toy dolls she was referring to... 


Of all the years I knew her, it was on the last that my eyes were really opened to her twisted little games but by then the damage had been done - I couldn’t possibly eradicate nearly a decades worth of damage . Revenge had already been sown into most of Staley Hill's heart , now it was time for someone to cultivate that seed and reap from it.  


I can't sugar-coat the truth even if the person in question is dead. 

Ever was twisted . 

Ever was manipulative. 

Ever was the master. 

And we were the slaves. 


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