One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


13. Vortex

Nunti reaches the vortex. The vortex connecting all the worlds together. She hovers in the sky staring at the light grey circle that lies in front of her.

“This is it” she says, takes a deep breath in, and flies into the vortex.

Eyes open, arms ahead, wings flapping vigorously and teeth clenched she flies as fast as she can. The exits... all twelve of them. Forth on the left, the angels world. Her world. She heads for the exit. As she comes out of the exit she is greeted by a bright blue cloudless sky.

White castles sit below, with silver statues and waterfalls surrounding them.  The island is shaped as a circle, with water around the circle. Smaller castles sit on the outer circle on the ground, on the level above that, bigger castles, and then bigger castles on the level above that one, and on the highest level. The biggest castle. Deus’s castle. Prepared, Nunti flies down to the castle. As she reaches the massive silver gates two guards stand in front of them, both in black suits, white shirts, black ties and massive wings. They have sharp expressions, attractive faces and neither of them are smiling.

“State your name and reason to why you are here” the one on the left says in a deep voice.

“My name is Nunti, and I am here to see Deus” Nunti says warily. The gates open.

“You may enter” Nunti walks down the long, white path heading towards the massive doors. As she approaches the doors she takes a deep breath in. The doors open by themselves and Nunti enters the building. In front, is a reception desk with a young woman sitting behind the desk looking down and writing on some paper. She has blonde hair tied back into a ponytail revealing her pretty blue face and blue eyes. Nunti walks up to the desk.

“Name?” the woman asks not taking her eyes off the paper.

“Nunti, I am here to see Deus” Nunti says and hopes that she does not have to say this again to anyone else. The woman stops what she is doing and looks up.

“He is free to see you”

“Thank you” Nunti walks off behind the desk. The castle is shaped as a circle, there are three levels, rooms on each, at the top of the castle is one room. Deus’s room. Nunti flies up quickly so that she does not have to walk all the way up. She reaches the door. It has his name on it. She knocks.

“Come in” a deep voice calls, and Nunti enters the room. 

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