One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


31. Unsure

Again, she enters her world, down where the house is and through the doors. To her father, she enters the house... and remembers that Amicus is here. No, I will see her later she thinks, flies up the stairs, and knocks on the office door.

“Come in” Deus says and she does.

“Father” Nunti says. 

“Nunti, what was happening?”

“Well... it was slightly warm, I’d say about a week till things happen, I scared them, but they had to know”

“Right... hmm... I need to think what to do with them. They can not fly and there is no way of them to leave that world, I do not want them to die there” Deus smiles warily and rubs his head. “Go to the land of the hobbits. Find, Basileus, he lives in a large castle, it is not hard to miss, and warn them”

“Okay, but, what about the centaurs? They helped me and I don’t want them to die”

“I know Nunti, I don’t want them to either but I don’t know what to do”

“You’ve never done that before father”

“I know Nunti, I’m going to see Auxilium to see what I can do, you can find me there later, and then that will be it for the day, I don’t want you out at night, your mother will hit me again” he rubs his cheek where a bruise is forming.

“Mother did that?”

“Yes she did, she has a tough right uppercut, and it hurts”

“Right, okay, I’ll see you later father”

“Be safe now Nunti”

“I will” she leaves the room, flies down the stairs, then out the house, up to the vortex, this time, to the hobbit land. 

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