One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


27. Trance

Nunti is back into her world and at her house where the doors open automatically. She walks to the reception area, in a trance, rubbing her head, mermaids; all she can think about is mermaids. Vernat looks up at her.

“Nunti, are you okay?” she asks. 

“I’m fine” Nunti says looking up in a daydream. “It would be so cool to be a mermaid”

“Uhuh” Vernat picks the phone up. “Hello Deus, your daughters here, I think she’s in a trance...... okay” Nunti walks forward, leans on the reception desk and looks up at the ceiling.

“Vernat... have you ever thought of being a mermaid?”

“Erm... No... I can’t say that I have” Deus comes from behind the desk and over to Nunti.

“Nunti, are you okay?” he asks.

“Oh father... wouldn’t it be great to be a mermaid? To swim around all  day... with the fishes... the dolphins...”

“Okay Nunti” Deus takes her by the shoulder and directs her to the hospital wing. “Thank you Vernat” and Vernat smiles at him. They walk to room 3 and Deus knocks.

“Come in” Sana calls. Deus opens the door and they walk in. “Sana, Nunti is in a trance from the mermaids”

“Oh father, I’d love to be a mermaid” Nunti says.

“Okay... Nunti... lie down for me” Sana says, and she and Deus put her on the bed next to the wall. Sana puts some oil on her left arm and Nunti looks up at the ceiling in a daydream.

“I’d like to be a blue mermaid”

“Just you go to sleep there Nunti” a mask comes on her face, and Nunti falls into a deep sleep. 

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