One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


11. Time

Nunti is standing up in the cabin exercising her wings whilst Ida and Ada are brewing up a stew in the kitchen. Badak and Kyra enter the cabin. 

"Nunti, how are you today?" Kyra asks. 

"I'm fine. I'm going back to my world today" Nunti says smiling. 

"Oh no you are not child" Ida says and walks over shaking her head. Ada follows her. 

"You still need rest. You cannot fly with that wing" 

"Time is medicine child"

"I know... you keep telling me" Nunti says. 

"Hot stew will keep you going" Ada hands her a bowl. 

"Thank you" Nunti takes the bowl and starts to eat it slowly. "I've been studying the message" Nunti sits at her table, crosses her legs, puts the bowl in front of her and shows everyone the map. "These signs are the second half of the message... there's something faded here.. which is part of the first half... so I'll have to go back to find that out"

"Interesting.. so.. what does it mean?" Kyra asks. 

"I don't know. I just send the messages.. bad messages. But I will find out from Deus" 


"The God of the angels. He wrote it, and only he knows. Saying that, he might not tell me at all. But I will do as best as I can" 

"And that is all you can do" 

"And your not flying anywhere yet my dear" Ida says. 

"Time is medicine" Ada says. Nunti, Kyra and Badak all roll their eyes. 

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