One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


21. Tear

Nunti flies back into her world still crying, she cannot believe Sairys did that. She takes a deep breath in and analyses the people walking down in the village. It doesn’t take her long to pick her father out from the crowd, as he is much bigger than the rest of the angels there. She flies down and stands near him.

“Nunti” Deus says. “Here” he pulls her into a nearby alley. Deus sees that she is crying and holds her shoulders. “Nunti, what is wrong?” she takes a deep breath in.

“I... I saw a dragon... kill himself” says Nunti crying.

“What was their name?”


“He was a good dragon... dragon of the air... may you rest in peace” Deus holds Nunti tight in his arms. “You are in shock... I will take you to Sana. She will make you better.... okay?”


“Come on, fly with me” Nunti takes off first with Deus behind her. Over to the palace, and she lands next to the door. They open, and they both walk in. The receptionist looks up.

“Hello Deus” she smiles.

“Vernat” he smiles back. Deus takes Nunti’s hand and walks off left. They go to a door with the number 3 on it and he knocks.

“Come in” a woman’s voice comes from the other side. They enter the room, the woman has bright blonde hair tied back into a loose ponytail to reveal her bright blue eyes, she wears a white doctors coat, a white shirt underneath and a black skirt. “Deus, hello”

“Sana, my daughter is in shock from..... Seeing something she did not want to see. She was also limping; she has had a broken wing recently”

“Okay, Nunti, lie down for me” Nunti lies down on the bed which is against the wall on the right of the door. “Are you tired Nunti?”

“Yes” she replies. Sana takes her left arm and rubs some oil on it.

“I am going to put you asleep for a while so I can fix your wing properly okay?”

“Okay” Sana puts an injection to her arm. Nunti starts to close her eyes slowly. Sana puts an oxygen mask onto her and Nunti falls into a deep sleep. 

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