One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


10. Nunti

Badak and his men return to the village. Kyra and all the other centuars turn and watch as Badak enters the cabin with Nunti in it. Nunti is standing up flexing her arm and stretching her arms.

"Nunti, how are you?" Badak asks.

"I feel fine. My wing is very sore thou - you have the message?"

"We met the wolves in the forest, I just hope this is good"

"You know who I am right?" Badak stares at Nunti. She then stares at the piece of paper and then up at Badak.

"What is it?" Nunti takes a breath in and rubs her forehead.

"The message is not complete... the other half has been rubbed off from it. There should be six signs on it"

"Tell me. What is it?"

"So far, there is dragons, sorcery and fairies... I don't know what the other three are"

"What does it mean though?"

"For now... I don't know. I will have to go back to my world to find out"

"But... you have a broken wing"

"I know. I will have to try"

"Oh no.." Ida says from the background.

"You are not going anywhere child" Ada says.

"Broken wing means no flying"

"And you need rest child" Nunti sits down and holds her arm, knowing that she can't go anywhere until her wing is fixed.

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