One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


26. Mermaids

Nunti enters the world, the first thing she senses is the taste of seawater and a wonderful breeze flowing through her hair. She takes in a deep breath and analyses the scenery, small islands dotted over the land and mermaids of different colours swimming around everywhere. She starts to fly down to a small island with a few trees on it below, and sits down.

“Hi” a mermaid says popping her head out of the water and smiling, long dark blue hair, with a blue fin and dark blue attractive eyes.

“Hi” Nunti says back.

“Hehe” another mermaid giggles nearby, a red head pops up on the left, long red hair with fiery red eyes.

“Hi” another says on the right, green long hair and emerald green eyes.

“Hi” Nunti says again. “You’re all very... colorful”

“Well duh” they all say and giggle. Nunti looks up and rubs her head.

“Erm...... well I’m here for a reason... my father Deus sent me, he told me to tell you that.... that your world is coming to an end soon” they all gasp and look at each other.

“What will we do?” the redhead asks.

“I don’t... know.... you all that would be difficult for you... to.... do a lot” Nunti is transfixed by their brightly colored hair. She looks up to the sky to take her attention elsewhere. “So.... I’m going to go back to my father to find out what you actually... can do... and I’ll be back”

“What is your name?”


“You’re the angel that comes with the bad messages” the bluehead says.

“Yup, that’s me”

“We must tell the others” the greenhead says, and then all three of them submerge into the water and swim off. Nunti watches as they do. She flies up, and then turns for the vortex back again to her world. 

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