One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


24. Merlin

Nunti enters the sorcery world. Warmth is the first thing she feels, and she knows that this is not a good sign. Merlin lives in the highest room in the tallest tower in the North. She looks ahead and sees the massive brown castle, and in the tallest tower different colours flashing. Who knows what he is getting up to in that room. She flies over and proceeds with caution. She looks in and sees Merlin over a cauldron pouring different liquids into it. Merlin is an old man, with long white hair, a white beard, wearing a navy overall and a navy hat.

“Haha!” he laughs wickedly.

“Erm...” Nunti says. Merlin jumps, which makes Nunti jump in mid air. Merlin turns and sees Nunti hovering in the air.

“And what is this you are?” Merlin says in a high... weird tone, and talks as if he has inhaled to much of his own potions. He adjusts his glasses and observes Nunti.

“I... an Nunti. I’m a messenger angel from another world”

“Nunti?” he stands back and wiggles his fingers. “The angel that comes with bad news”

“Yes... that is me"

“Come in... come in”

“Okay” What a strange weird man Nunti thinks.

“H20 juice?” he holds a beaker with lime green liquid in it.

“I’m fine thank you... “ Nunti backs into a shelf... knocking off a jar, which she catches.

“Dragon oil” he takes it from her and puts it back on the shelf. “What have you come here for?”

“Erm...” Nunti looks around the room looking at the different jars and potions on the shelves around her. “My father Deus sent me...”

“Ah Deus!” Nunti jumps again. “The God of all Gods”

“Yes... that is him... he was wondering what was happening in this world.. like... anything different lately?”

“Yeeeeees.. there is....... there is...” Merlin taps his chin and looks out of the window.

“Like what?”

“Sorry my dear?”

“What’s been happening in this world?”

“Oh... warm nights... very warm nights... there getting warmer... and the occasional fireball... every night”

“Fire ball.... right... well” Nunti looks down into the cauldron, black bubbling liquid. “I’ll be leaving now... and I may or may not be back”

“Fire!” Nunti jumps, Merlin throws something into the cauldron and fire bursts out of it. Nunti stares at it gobsmacked.

“Goodbye... for now” before Merlin can say anything she flies out and straight for the vortex, and hopes not to return to the creepy old mans castle. 

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