One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


23. Lava

Three days later Nunti is healed and is able to fly again. She walks out of the hospital wing in her fathers house and Deus meets her at the reception area.

“Nunti darling, I hear you are able to fly again” Deus says smiling.

“Yes. I feel great father” Nunti smiles at her father.

“Your first task is to go the dragon’s world. I wish to know what is going on there”

“Yes father” Nunti goes to walk off, Deus puts a hand to her shoulder.

“And Nunti, please be careful, I don’t want your mother yelling at me again” Nunti takes her fathers hand and looks up at him.

“It’s okay father”

“Thank you dear, I’ll be up in my office” then Nunti leaves the house. She kicks from the ground and heads for the vortex, feeling fear, not knowing what she is going to see on the other side. As she nears, she feels heat, lots and lots of heat. She enters the world, and sees lava, all over the world, lava.

“Oh my...” Nunti says gobsmacked. Heat and lava, hot bubbling lava, that is all there is. Not wanting to get any closer or see anymore, she heads back to her world.

She enters the world and flies down to the house. She flies towards the doors and they open automatically as she reaches them. Not bothering with Vernat, the receptionist, she flies up the stairs, and to her fathers office, and she knocks.

“Come in” he calls, and she enters the room.

“Father” she says. “That was interesting”

“What happened?"

“Well... there was lava... everywhere...... nothing else to be seen”

“Wow” Deus rubs his head. “I must find out where Baltidor and the others retreated to... Nunti... I’d like for you to go to the sorcery lands, find Merlin, tell him the message, and find out what is going on”

“Okay father”

“And – “

“Be careful yes I know, bye father”

“Thank you Nunti” and Nunti leaves the room, flies down the stairs, out the house and up to the vortex and second on the left. 

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