One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


7. Hunt

Badak reaches the middle of the village and surveys the centaurs at their work, cleaning, cooking and chopping wood for fire.

“Men!” Badak yells. All the centaurs stop what they doing and turn to Badak. “As you all know by now, Nunti the angel.... has come with a message. She has lost it and we must go and retrieve it... from the wolves” the centaurs gasp, and whisper in their own little groups across the village. 

“And I’m coming with you” Kyra says stepping towards Badak.

“No... It is not safe out there Kyra, I still can not believe you disobeyed me before”

“If I didn’t go out there I would not have found Nunti” Kyra stands now staring into Badak’s eyes.

“Kyra, please, I beg you. I can not let another loved one go out there... you know what happened to Ina. I don’t want the same to happen to you” Kyra shuts her eyes and sheds a tear. Badak puts a hand to her face, and Kyra then looks into his dark, mysterious, beautiful eyes. She throws her arms around his neck and her lips onto his.

“Badak. I love you”

“I love you to Kyra, I’ll be back for you, for now, I must go”

“Wait!” Kyra takes his hand and he looks into her eyes. “Before you go... I must tell you something” a silence echoes around the village.

“What is it?”

“I’m pregnant” awe erupts around the centaurs. Badak puts a hand to her stomach.

“Take care of our child”

“I will Badak. I love you”

“I love you too” Badak leaves, and the other male centaurs follow him out and Kyra watches on.

“Ahh wolves they are after” a withered voice comes from the background. 

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