One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


32. Hobbits

Into the world of the hobbits. Trees everywhere, the air is warm, not a sound is to be heard. No sign of life. They will be living underground, she is certain of it. About ten miles in front of her is a massive opening, a lake. She looks down in caution; she knows the hobbits hunt and may shoot whatever is in the sky. A rustle in a tree nearby as she is ten foot away from the ground. Nunti snaps back and searches the surroundings.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” someone yells nearby. Nunti looks down and sees an arrow heading straight for her. She darts to the right just missing her.

“Wait!” Nunti yells, not seeing what she is yelling at. She lands on her knees and is then face to face with a hobbit. A very short man with black long hair, a bushy beard wearing brown overalls holds a sword pointing at her neck.

“State your name... girl”

“My name is Nunti... I... I am here with a message” the hobbit looks at Nunti... and then looks gobsmacked.

“You’re the angel that bears bad news"  

“Yes... that is I... your world....”

“Mesala! What are you doing?!” another hobbit walks behind him. Long blonde hair, a bushy beard wearing green overalls, he pulls a sword from his belt.

“Ervat... this is Nunti, the angel with bad news” Mesala steps back and puts his sword away. Ervat does the same and looks at Nunti.

“What is the bad news?”

“Your world... it will be gone soon. Other worlds have been destroyed... and yours is next” Mesala and Ervat look at each other.

“We will get the others together” they turn around and start to walk off into the forest.

“Wait!” they turn to Nunti. “Where will you go?”

“We are going to die. And we will die together” they turn and walk. Nunti opens her mouth to say something... but doesn’t know what to say, and doesn’t know what to do. She takes flight, and flies straight to the vortex.   

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