One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


25. Gone

Nunti is back in her world again, back down to the house, through the front doors, and up to her father’s office, she knocks.

“Come in” Deus calls, and Nunti enters the room.

“Hello father” Nunti says.

“Nunti, what did Merlin say?”

“He... said a lot of things... and weird things”

“Ha, Merlin is a strange old man”

“You got that right...  he said it was getting warm each day... and he was starting to see fireballs every day”

“Hmm..... they are next... I will have to talk to the fates again, Nunti come with me, I may want to send you out again”

“Yes father” they leave the room, fly down the stairs, out of the house, and down to the fates. Deus knocks.

“Come in” a high pitched voice comes from the other side. Nunti backs off a little.

“It is okay, I am here” Deus says, and they both walk in. “Fates, my dears... I come here to ask you something”

“Yes?” they all say.

“The dragon’s world... seems to be non existent... I wonder... if the witches and wizards lived here would that affect anything?” the three of them put their hands on the crystal ball which turns green.

“Affect it will not” the first says.

“It could be a good thing” the second says.

“But one must be careful” the third says. Nunti grabs her father’s hand.

“Thank you” Deus smiles and then quickly takes Nunti outside. “Nunti, go to the sorcery lands and find Merlin, tell him to gather all the others and to retreat here.

“Okay father” Nunti says and flies off without another word, she does not want to be near the fates, they creep her out to much. To the vortex she flies and second on the left. The castle she sees, and heads for it. She arrives, and sees that Merlin is not there.

“Merlin?” she calls. She goes into the room and sees that everything is packed up; it looks like he has gone. Nunti flies out and down to the front doors, and pushes the door open. There is nothing here, she looks in nearby rooms and sees nothing there. “Hmm” Nunti rubs her head confused. They must have all gone she thinks. Next, she flies out, up to the vortex, and back to her world.

Through the vortex and back down to the house, she sees her father about to enter it. She lands next to her father.

“Nunti that was quick” he says.

“Yes... erm... he wasn’t there, and the castle was empty, they look like they had gone”

“That wise old man must have known” Deus looks around and rubs his head. “The mermaids... Nunti, warn them”

“Yes father” Nunti flies off, to the vortex, this time, to see the mermaids. 

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