One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


2. Fear

The angel continues to sprint through the forest. Not pausing to breathe she rips through bushes, jumps over holes and dodges the occasional tree. Blood seeps from her wing and she starts to pant heavily. Growing more anxious she snaps her head around to see what is there. The growling, the screaming, the howling. It all rings through her ears like music.

SMACK! Into a tree, she falls on her back looking at the midnight sky. Silence. A low growl then echoes the area. Frozen with fear she grips her shoulder tighter and takes a deep breath in. She watches as wolves walk towards her slowly, trapping her, and with no escape. She then closes her eyes, knowing her life will be coming to an end.

Nearby an arrow hits a tree. The wolves, alerted, look up for anyone around. Another arrow hits a wolf, and it cries in pain. The sound of a horse galloping reaches them.. and suddenly stops. The wolves then sprint off deep into the forest.

The angel opens her eyes, knowing that she is still alive and that someone, or something saved her. Leaning down looking at her, is a woman with black straight bushy hair, an attractive face and blue flowers in her hair. The angel looks down, to see a horses body attached to it. The woman is a centuar.

“Ahh... oww” the angel grips her shoulder and moves back towards a tree.

“Are you okay?” the centaur asks looking down at her.

“My... my... my name is Nunti..... I.... I’ve....... I’ve been... sent....... with........ a message” and then the angel passes out. The centuar looks gobsmacked knowing who she is, Nunti, the messenger angel, who only comes with bad news. The centuar kneels down, picks her up, hangs her over her shoulder, and trots off the way she came into the forest.

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