One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


19. Fates

Nunti reaches her world again; she looks down at the gates of the castle, and flies down to them and up to the two guards.

“Is my father in?” Nunti asks.

“Deus is in a meeting with the fates” the one on the left says.

“Thank you” Nunti kicks from the ground and flies off. She flies to the first level and to a small, shabby cream building, about the size of a shed. She looks at the door and knocks.

“State your name and intent” says a high pitched voice.

“My name is Nunti, I think my father is here” the door opens, and Nunti walks in. In the small building is a table in the middle of the room with a large blue crystal ball in the middle, around the table are thee old women all in black gowns covering their heads. They all have the same old pale face, with pointy noses and black eyes. Her father, stands behind the table. Nunti walks around it not taking her eyes off them and then bumps into her father who puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Nunti. How did it go?” Deus asks.

“It was... fine... better then I thought – “

“Don’t stare” Nunti looks up to her father.

“I found Balitdor, and he said he was going to find the rest of them and leave”

“Good work Nunti, what was happening in their world?”

“It was raining fire bolts. I was nearly hurt by them when I got there, but I managed to miss them. They seemed to be travelling north... it was very strange”

“Ahh fire bolts” one of them says putting her old wretched hands over the crystal ball. “The first sign of the end”

“Soon cracks in the land will appear” another says putting her hands over it.

“And then... worlds start to merge” the last says putting her hands over the crystal ball. Nunti gulps and stares at the crystal ball, Deus puts both her hands on her shoulders, she now feels comfort.

“Is there anything we can do?” Deus asks them.

“Not yet” the first says.

“You must wait” the second says.

“Until the time is right” the third says.

“How will I know when it is?” Deus asks.

“You will know” they all say.

“Thank you..... my young ones” they all giggle. “Come on then Nunti”

“You my dear” the first says walking over to her.

“You need to be careful” the second says following.

“Or your time will be up” the third says as they all stand in front of her.

“Thank you for your time ladies” Deus says and pushes Nunti out quickly.

“What did they mean by that?” Nunti asks. 

“I do not know... you know what they are like Nunti”


“Now Nunti... I’d like for you to go back to the dragons and observe what is going on... you can find me around this area of the village.

“Yes father” and Nunti kicks from the ground and heads for the vortex. 

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