One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


8. Fate

Kyra walks to the back of the crowd and sees a little old lady with thinning grey hair in a braid leaning on a cabin.

"Mysti... what do you know?" Kyra asks curiously.

"Kyra my dear, congratulations" Mysti says and pats her on the belly.

"Thank you Mysti... but what do you know about Badak?"

"Come in my child... come in" Kyra follows her into the cabin. In the middle of the cabin, is a table with a glowing purple ball on it. Mysti stands in front of it and the crystal ball shines a bright blue and then back to purple. "Ahh"

"Mysti, what is it?"


"Mysti, what is going on? Will Badak be okay?"

"Badak will be okay. Badak has child now. Good news lies in store... for what comes"

"What is coming?"

"The message they shall retrieve, and Badak will return to your child"

"Thank you Mysti" Kyra smiles and leaves the cabin.

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