One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


4. Dream

Falling. Falling. Falling. All she is, is falling. Falling with a broken wing,

“No!” Nunti yells with her arms stretched, trying to flap her wings as fast as she can. With tears streaming down her face her heart beats rapidly and she flails her arms and legs around trying to fly. She tears through the trees which starts to tear her clothes.

“Ahhh!” trying to flap her wings again she tries to keep flight. She looks down, to see the ground inches away from her.

“No!” and then she falls on the ground, unconscious.


Nunti sits up on a table gripping her arm in pain and panting. Ida and Ada approach her with caution.

“Bad dreams you have?” Ida asks calmly.

“Yes” Nunti says clenching her teeth still panting. 

“Child” Ada says and puts her hand to Nunti’s forehead, she instantly calms down. “Rest, you must rest” Ada places her head down carefully, and Nunti falls into another deep sleep.

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