One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


15. Dragons

Without another word, Nunti races out of the room and flies down the stairs and out of the door. She now knows what she has to do, warn the dragons, or their world could be destroyed. Outside, she knows that there is no point of leaving through the gates, she kicks off from the ground and heads straight for the vortex.

Arms stretched in front of her, wings flapping vigorously in the strong wind, Nunti heads into the vortex. First on the left, she zooms out and into the dragon’s world. She stops, and glares at the orange sky ahead.  Something brushes past Nunti’s left wing and she quickly flies to the right. She looks into the sky, and sees fireballs hurtling towards the ground.

“Oh... My... God” Nunti says breathlessly. Dragons roar in the distance. Baltidor, she must find him. Nunti flies off looking around at all angles, searching for any dragon she can find. A fireball misses her right wing by centimetres and another just misses her head.

“Ahh!” Nunti flips onto her back in the air to see if anything is coming her way. And there is, one misses her left hand and she pulls her legs up as another misses her. She lands on her back on the ground, and misses another one.

Looking up, she watches as fireballs miles in front of her, and is grateful she is alive. Taking a breath of relief, she puts her head back and closes her eyes. Seconds later, she hears a low growl behind her. She opens her eyes, swallows, and doesn’t move a muscle. 

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