One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


14. Deus

Nunti walks into the room and sees Deus sitting behind his desk. The room is also shaped like a circle, nothing much lies in the entrance, on the left of the desk is a large fish tank with over a hundred different species of fish in it, on the right is a large statue of Deus, and behind the desk is a massive bookcase. Deus himself is a very large man, a big bulky chest, massive arms, an attractive face and long, wavy dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.

“Ah, Nunti, my daughter, how are you?” he says with great joy in his face, he stands up and greets his daughter with a hug.

“Hello father... I.. erm...” Nunti says stuttering.

“Is something wrong?”

“Yes. There is. I... I took the message to the centaurs... but...”

“What?” Nunti looks into her father’s eyes, his warm and welcoming eyes. She takes the bag from her back and hands him the message.

“The message is not complete.. and....” Deus unravels the paper and looks at it.

“How is this?”

“When I got there... I was attacked by wolves... it was my own fault though, I kind of provoked them” Deus loses the smile on his face.

“What? Are you hurt?”

“I was... I’m not now. I’m fine father” Nunti looks up at him and smiles.


“If you could please, father” Nunti holds out the paper.

“Yes” he takes the message and walks around the desk and sits down. “I don’t want you hurting yourself out there Nunti, your mother would kill me if she found out you’ve been hurting yourself. Nunti, tell me, you said you were with the centaurs first, why?”

“I lost control, I didn’t mean to go there, I wasn’t thinking, I’m sorry father” Nunti looks towards the ground feeling ashamed.

“Nunti, there are twelve other worlds out there, and when – “

“And when they align, things will start to turn bad I know.. you’ve told me”

“Yes they will. I have a meeting with the fate’s very soon.. and I hope that my thoughts are right Nunti.. you are to go to the different worlds and give them this message...” Deus writes out a new message. “And you know the order of the worlds... recite them to me”

“Dragons, sorcery, mermaids, centaurs, hobbits, pirates, fairies, vampires, humans, robots and the dead”

“You’re missing one Nunti"


“The wolves”

“Oh right.......” Nunti looked alerted and then looks at her father. “The wolves... they were in the centaur land”

“What?!” Deus bellows making the room vibrate.

“I was chased by the wolves... and the centaurs looked after me and nursed me”

“This is not good... two of the worlds have merged together... first in like is the dragons... Nunti, go to the dragons, find Baltidor and tell him that it is coming and to retreat”

“Who is Balitdor?”

“The king of the dragons”

“Oh right... what is coming?”

“The end”

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