One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


3. Centuars

5 miles later the centaur comes to a stop at a wooden gate. After looking over both shoulders she raps on the gate three times quietly. Seconds later, the gate opens and she quickly slips through. Past the gate, hundreds of centaurs of different shapes and sizes all come to a stop and turn to see the angel. One centaur, clearly the alpha male, with dark long hair, sharp blue eyes, an attractive face steps forward.

“Kyra.. what is the meaning of this? You know the rule of bringing humans into the village” he snaps.

“This is no ordinary angel Badak, this is Nunti” Kyra snaps back. Gasps echo around the village. Badak looks down at Nunti with a look of awe. “And she needs help” Kyra trots off to a wooden cabin on her left with Badak following her closely.

In the cabin, there are two old women, twins, in a kitchen area; they are both small with dark grey hair, hazel eyes, hardly any wrinkles, smooth skinned and beautiful.

“Ida, Ada, she needs help” Kyra says.  The women brush aside things off a nearby table, and Kyra places the angel carefully aside.  They pull out bandages and several different bottles with various signs on them. “Will she be okay?”

“Girl will be fine” Ida says.

“Girl needs time” Ada says.

“Time is medicine”

“Patience is a virtue Badak, you should know that by now” Badak stands close, and puts a hand on Ada’s shoulder.

“Thank you... Ada” Badak says and nods at Ada. "Ida" 

“No, no. I am Ida”

“And I Ada, can't you tell the difference by now Badak?” Ida says. Badak glances at the pair, at Nunti and leaves the cabin. The two snigger, Kyra smiles and then leaves. 

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